Twist of Fate 24 May 2021 | Twist of Fate May Update 2021

Twist of Fate 24 May 2021 Update | Twist of Fate update Monday 24th May 2021 | Twist of Fate 24 May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate 24 May 2021 Update Episode Begins with.. Shahana calls up Ranbir the use of Prachi’s phone. Aryan solutions the decision and receives into an issue with Shahana.

Prachi and Ranbir take the cellphone away to stop the fight. Prachi tells Ranbir sorry for speaking rudely to him in university. Ranbir accepts her apology and smiles. Rhea passes via and Ranbir cuts the decision all of sudden.

when the Diwali birthday celebration starts Rhea walks downstairs and meets Priyanka. Abhi additionally walks down and notices that they boys and men are missing. He is going to the terrace and unearths Vikram and Purab their with their sons.

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Abhi begins complaining approximately girls to Vikram and Purab.. while Pragya walks out all and sundry at home thinks she is calling pretty. Sarita asks them to hurry because the cab is already right hereeven as on foot out Madhu spills oil of Pragya’s dress by way of mistake. Pragya comes to a decision to stay again and smooth the get dressed.

Rishi decides to assist her whilst Prachi and Shahana go together with Sarita. Rhea gets involved when Sanju stops answering her calls. Priyanka panics and she or he is involved what will happen if Prachi shows up with Shahana to the birthday party.

Abhi tries to go away the birthday celebration however Aliya stops him. She says he has an important assembly. Abhi has decided to leave and meet Pragya. Will Pragya meet Abhi once more?  Stay tuned to find out what happened next ?