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Chinna Poove Mella Pesu 06-04-2021 Zee Tamil Serial | Chinna Poove Mella Pesu 06/04/2021 Zee Tamil Serial Written Update in Hindi | Chinna Poove Mella Pesu 06.04.21 Today Episode Online Written Update | Watch Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Latest Episode Written Update on 6th April 2021

Our Dear Viewers, We Will Tell You About This “Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial In Hindi” Through This Post. This Episode Of Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial Is Of 6 April, 2021. We Are Giving You Written Updates Of  Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial Zee Tamil.

Starring Actor & Actress – Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar

Producer – Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor 

Production company – Balaji Motion Pictures 

Original Network – Zee Tamil 

Serial release date – 12th October 2020

Serial Timing – 3:00 PM (Monday to Saturday) 

Original language – Tamil

Written Update – Prithvi waits for sherlyn outside her house.

Karina says that she was just kidding but Dadi says that what they are doing not prefer it and they should remember that she is going to slap Sherlin if she says something wrong for his or  for her children, Sherlin is confused and Karina asks on what’s she saying to which she says that she will be able to also slap her if she wants to as she is an elder, Karina says on what’s this rubbish to which she says that she was just kidding and when Sherlin did this Karina was okay, Rakhi says that she worried them, Dadi asks Sarla to come back together with her outside and that they both go outside.

Prithvi is outside Sherlin’s house and he says that his baby has gotten very irresponsible as she left the door open, he says that it would be that her mother came back and if she saw him then she’s going to get very angry with him, he’s very confused but says that he needs the Wallet then goes inside and starts looking.

Karan finds a photograph and Shristhri says that they were having an affair right ahead of them, Preeta says that this proves nothing because it is merely a photograph, Karan says that she is simply a dumbo and also adds that it proves that they were having an affair. Preeta doesn’t agree and says that it are often just a coincidence but Karan says that he saw them together last night and that they left their house separately but were together, Preeta says that he’s just making this up and doesn’t like Prithvi, she says that she also didn’t like her at firs but when she wasn’t able to find any evidence then she forgot.

Prithvi is within the lounge searching for his wallet and thinks that he was sitting here together with her then again also thinks that it may be in her room and goes to test it. Preeta and Karan get into the lavatory and find nowhere to cover and then they both enter the shower and Preeta accidentally turns it on, she yells and Karan stops her.

Sherlin’s mother comes and finding the door unlocked feels that she must have come and calls bent on her, all of them hear her and begin to seek out an area to cover, Prithvi also comes into her room when Shristhri sees his foot and wonders on who this man is and what’s he doing hiding like them, she doesn’t get to work out his face when he hides and when she is simply getting ready to Sherlin’s mother come and after looking around she sees him hiding and thinks that she must confront him and must not let him think that she is alone then he might attack her.

She says that why are you hiding her you naughty man and says that she is going to go and appearance for him outside, Shristhri thinks that it’s her boyfriend and what time has come that even her mo0ther contains a boyfriends. She leaves and so Prithvi find his wallet and runs out where she is talking with Sherlin and is saying to her that there’s a thief in their house she remains on the decision when she feels that somebody is behind her and turns, Prithvi finds an area to cover and he or she says that she is going to hit whoever is hiding in her house with a rod, Sherlin request her to not confront the thief as they could have some weapon but she says that she is going to teach the person a lesson.

Prithvi wonders that Sherlyn will get him killed as she is talking a calling the police he thinks that he must prevent Sherlyn from calling the police and tries to call her but she thinks that why is he calling as now her mother is in such trouble, her mother asks him to come back out and starts walking towards him but he very quickly hides and runs outside the door, Sherlin asks her is she is okay, she says that she is alright and can go outside to attend as whoever the person continues to be within the house and leaves.

Prithvi calls Sherlin and he or she attends the phone asking him on what was so urgent that he was calling her, and he must know that there’s a thief in their house, he says that her mother thinks that he’s the thief as he went back to urge his wallet, she says on what was so urgent that he went there, he says that the wallet had his driver’s license and he cannot drive the car without it.

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