Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial Written Update 1 April 2021 – Karan And Rishab’s Drama With Neil To Save Sruthi

 Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial Written Update 1 April 2021 –  Karan And Rishab’s Drama With Neil To Save Sruthi

Our Dear Viewers, We Will Tell You About This “Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial In Hindi” Through This Post. This Episode Of Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial Is Of 1 April, 2021. We Are Giving You Written Updates Of  Chinna Poove Mella Pesu Serial Zee Tamil.

Starring Actor & Actress – Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar

Producer – Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor 

Production company – Balaji Motion Pictures 

Original Network – Zee Tamil 

Serial release date – 12th October 2020

Serial Timing – 3:00 PM (Monday to Saturday) 

Original language – Tamil

Written Update – Fight at Godown :

Mahesh gives his greeting to the auto rickshaw and asks him to come back and take his auto later from his house. Sarla drives the auto. Mahesh was awestruck that girls can do any reasonably work. Sarla says a mother takes a variety of a lioness when her children are in trouble. She was firm to not spare this Neil now.

There, Neil was suspicious of Karan as he didn’t react after watching the guns in hands of his goons. Karan grabs a man’s collar and points the gun towards him. Others pointed guns towards Karan. He breaks into a loud laughter and says he came to arrest the Khalnayak, the diamond thief who incorporates a price money of 10 crore. Rishab jumps out boastful. Neil grabs Rishab’s hand and tells him to shoot Karan, he would be saved and that they will share diamonds. Rishab thinks that their mission is getting successful and that they even have the real guns and bullets now. He swirls around shouting i’m Khalnayak!

Sameer involves Sruthi. Sruthi was initially in disbelief that Sameer was actually here with them. Sameer calls her insane. Sruthi asks him for a hug. Sameer tells her that he didn’t come alone but Karan, Rishab and Preeta also are with him.

Outside, Preeta was restless that Sruthi hadn’t yet take off. some goons passes by Preeta and she hides herself and decides to go by herself, inside the godown and then Preeta was spotted by one of  the goons and recognized because the sister of Sruthi. Preeta hides behind the boxes where she picks up sand from one among the boxes and throwing it at the person. He struggles to chase Preeta but couldn’t successful to see much, Preeta curses herself and decides to be very very careful else Karan won’t leave her.

There, Rishab and Karan were clueless and Neil forced Rishab to shoot. Karan compels if Rishab is that the bigger thief or Neil is, how dare Neil control his gun then? Rishab reacts withdrawing himself from Neil’s control. They argue for ages, afterwards Rishab shouts that now only he would speak. Everyone was silent but Rishab had no dialogue to mention. He thinks that they have to continue this drama until they get some signal from Sameer. Karan takes a permission from Rishab to ask him something and he inquires that why he didn’t learn to talk from Basanti? Rishab laughs replying that she is illiterate and he couldn’t learn from her. Neil forces Rishab to shoot Karan but Rishab doesn’t did that and instead points the gun towards Neil.Then Karan also joins Rishab, he removes his costume. They demand Neil to release Sruthi instantly.

Sameer loosens Sruthi’s hands. Sruthi hugs Sameer. He hurries her outside where he needs to signal Rishab and Karan that they’re safe. They walk out of the space but hide under the boxes from the goons nearby. Sruthi throws a stone at one amongst the boys who was hurt at head. They all were able to flee from godown but Sameer fell down at the second doorway.

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